Nonprofit Policies and Procedures Manual



Most nonprofit organizations use volunteers to perform services to the men, women, and children they service. However, as you have heard a male volunteer was recently accused of sexual harassment by a student. What would you do if one of your volunteers was accused of sexual harassment? What procedures would you follow?

It is important to have a Policies and Procedure Manual that will address not only sexual harassment, but code of ethics, conflicts of interest, compensation, and more.

Policies and procedures serve as a reference for the staff, volunteers, and the board, and can affect various parts of a nonprofit’s work including governance, employee behavior, employee benefits, and anything else that needs to be clearly documented.

Having written policies and procedures is only one part of the communication process for ensuring effective and efficient operations of programs and activities. As part of their oversight duties, boards should ensure that they communicate those policies and procedures clearly to the employees, volunteers, and the board so that everyone knows and understands their expectations.

Next steps include training staff and volunteers on policies and procedures and conducting regular assessments to ensure that everyone is following them. Board directors should also review the policies and procedures annually.

Compu-Perfect Professional Services provides policies and procedure manual for the types of modern problems that nonprofit boards encounter in their work.




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